About the Artist

Devyn Samara discovered her natural talent as an artist as a very young child. At the age of six, she won an art contest sponsored by a local art gallery. Her mother encouraged Devyn to express herself artistically from then on, allowing her to exhibit her work in banks and local establishments in her hometown. 
Throughout her school years, Devyn gravitated towards the arts, taking art classes, designing yearbooks, publications, and concept sketches for dramatic productions. In her free time she studied animation through extra-curricular activities and private tutors.
After her school career, Devyn became a commissioned artist, specializing in landscapes and portraiture in oils and charcoal. She is an award-winning graphic designer and has created advertisement design, logos, and designed style-driven websites for businesses and non-profit organizations. She has also illustrated textbooks and childrens' literature. Devyn is also owner of Charmed Books, a jewelry company that sells worldwide.
Having grown up in southern California, Devyn spent much of her free time at Disneyland and later became a Disney employee. She has always been inspired by Disney art, classic animation, concept sketches, and theme park design. Much of this inspiration comes across in her drawings and paintings, many pieces having direct influence. 
Devyn, who is primarily self-taught, continues to push herself towards excellence in her artform. She works in many styles including realism, semi-realism, impressionism, abstract, and illustration. She also teaches budding artists all over the world via her YouTube channel.
Today, Devyn continues to work from her home studio in Santa Barbara County, California and delve into the limitless and exciting world of art.
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