“Charles Chaplin” – Reference photo from the photo book, “Charlie Chaplin- a Photo Diary”, by Michel Comte.
“Mother’s Day” – Reference photos taken by P. Dozois.
“Peter Sailing the Ship” – Original inspiration piece copyright Walt Disney Productions. Artist’s private collection. NFS.
“German Cityscape” – Postcard copyright Walt Disney Productions; Germany reference photos taken by P. Dozois; all other alterations credit the artist.
“Ave Maria” – Original inspiration piece copyright Walt Disney Productions. Artist’s private collection. NFS.
“Jolly Holiday Bridge” – Original inspiration piece copyright Walt Disney Productions. Artist’s private collection. NFS.
“Family Picnic” – Reference photos supplied by D. Grant.
“Storybooland Cottage” – Disneyland reference photos taken by the artist. NFS.
“Wishful Garden” – Reference photos taken by K. Jackson. In a private collection. NFS.
“When I Think of Home” – Reference photos taken by C. Laurent.
“Hope” – Original concept. Arms inspired by Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”.
“Catching Frogs” – Artist’s original concept.
“A Victorian Storybook Christmas” – The little house inspired by “Lady & the Tramp”.
“Imena’s Christmas” – Inspired by a vintage late 1800’s postcard.
“Ice Wishes” – Ice crystals courtesy Mother Nature. Inspired from the scientific works of Dr. Masaru Emoto.
“Christmas Morning” – Reference photo courtesy Joel Serre. Color palette of the church in homage to the late, great John Hench.
“Pamela” - Reference photo supplied by P. Dozois.
“Lakeside” – Reference photos supplied by K. Cheetham.
“The Giving Tree” – Reference photos supplied by K. Cheetham.
“Bridge on the Lake” – Reference photos supplied by K. Cheetham.
"Cano" - Reference photos supplied by L. Broome
“Love’s Journey” – Artist’s original concept.

“County Kerry, Ireland”- Artist’s original concept.
“Ordinary Miracle”- Artist’s original concept.
“A Road Less Traveled”- Artist’s original concept.
“Silent Night”- Artist’s original concept.
“Snowbunnies”- Artist’s original concept.
“Breathing in the Night”- Artist’s original concept, inspired by advertisements from the 1920’s.
“Watercolor Study after Tyrus Wong”- From concept paintings from Bambi. Copyright Walt Disney Productions. NFS..
“Arroyo Stone Bench- Busch Gardens, Pasadena, CA” - Partially from historical photographs and the Astaire/Rogers film, “Carefree”.
“Baby Snowbirds” - Inspired by the overwhelming cuteness of McCay’s Buntings and Long-Tailed Tit birds.
“Walter Elias Disney, 1949” - reference photograph from a photo shoot circa October, 1949.
"Midnight Skate" - Artist's original concept.
"Storybook Land - Dwarf's Cottage" - Vintage reference photos. NFS.
"Storybook Land - Pinocchio's Village" - Vintage reference photos. NFS.
"Storybook Land - Cinderella's Castle" - Vintage reference photos. NFS.
"Skull Rock, Disneyland" - Vintage reference photos. NFS.
"Frontierland Train Station and the E.P. Ripley - Vintage reference photos. NFS.
"A Vintage Beauty" - Reference photo supplied by L. Bryant.
"Snow Day" - Artist's original concept.
"June", "September", & "December" - Inspiration photo credit unknown. All changes credit the artist.
"The Dreaming Tree" - Artist's original concept.
"USAF Captain Al Salge" - Reference photo, supplied by A. Salge.
"A Symphony of Spring"- Inspiration photo, Life magazine, 1949. NFS.
Revolving contents of the Sketchbook page - Artist's original concepts and/or many random photos on the internet.


An artist uses all sorts of references to complete a masterpiece. While I sometimes use references for commissioned pieces or for my own personal enjoyment, I am adamant about putting my own spin on things. Below is the list of art on this site. It contains the reference credits and information, if any, involved in their creation.

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